mercredi 17 août 2016

TOY VIAM août 2016

pour carole, 
"many are called" de walker evans
photos prises en 1938 et publiées en 1966.
tu noteras l'omniprésence des chapeaux dans la tenue vestimentaire de l'époque.

"In an exhibition press release from the Museum of Modern Art on October 5th, 1966, Evans gave what seemed to be a straightforward explanation for the long delay:
“The rude and impudent invasion involved has been carefully softened and partially mitigated by a planned passage of time.” 4 However, James Agee’s 1940 introduction to the series and Evans’ 1941 Guggenheim Fellowship renewal letter that described his plans for a book of “semi-automatic record of photography of people” point to an initial intent to publish and call this planned passage into question. 5 From the late 1930s on, there was a great deal of anxiety surrounding espionage and national security that made the role of spy-photographer especially devious and potentially unethical. In 1942, the Port Authority actually outlawed photography without a permit on bridges, tunnels, and “other public places” in New York. 6 Therefore, concerns about legality and ethics certainly would have made Evans hesitant to publish right away, but the stylistic newness of the photographs presented theoretical challenges as well. As visual history would have it, Many Are Called would bear more resemblance to the photography of the 1960s than 1930s and ‘40s. Given these factors, Evans’ claim to the “ planned passage of time” may well have been an after-the- fact-excuse that glossed over the difficulty of publishing the series at the time of its creation. "

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